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DigitalGlobe (Dulles, Virginia USA) is the world’s leading supplier of satellite, aerial and geo-localisation imagery for several fields:  defence, aerial and maritime transport, oil & gas industries… The DigitalGlobe Marine Services range was developed to answer to the needs of the fishing industry.

Marine Instruments is an innovative Spanish company (Nigran, Galicia), specialised in the design and development of new technologies and the manufacturing of location and communication systems for the fishing industry. Marine Instruments have developed a leading global position in the manufacturing of satellite and radio buoys.


NKE is a SME (Small/Medium sized enterprise) with 80 employees based in the region of Lorient, Brittany. Created in 1984, NKE specialises in state-of-the-art electronics applied specifically to marine electronics, heating control system and the development of prototypes or series products.


STM Products is an Italian company established in Verona that has been designing and producing industrial electronics since 1983, overseeing internally every strategic phase: research, design, software, hardware and mechanical development, both according to customers’ specifications and standard, and the mass production.
STM specialises in electronics for numerous applications ranging from agriculture to tourism, transport and maritime.

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