Isi Line


ISI LINE is a longline supervisor specifically developed to optimise fisheries output and reduce operating cost.


Longline Supervisor

ISI LINE was designed and developed to allow the user to adjust the depth of the longline to target required species. ISI LINE supports fishermen by configuring the shape of the line and the manner in which to fish. ISI LINE’S purpose is to specify the desired depth, the length of the baskets, the number of hooks, the length of the bait and the buoy ropes, and to supervise shooter settings: shooter speed, boat speed and hook rate, allowing the user to be more selective in his fishing.


Targeted and Selective Fishing

Considerable scientific research into the behaviour of ocean fish such as tuna and swordfish has shown that longline deployment at optimal depth significantly improves its efficiency in terms of number of fish caught and enables a particular species to be targeted while reducing by-catches. Non-target species such as turtles are present in surface waters down to a depth of 100 metres, while target species such as tuna (albacore, bluefin, yellowfin) are present in deeper waters, at a depth around 300 metres. With Isi line, you can choose your desired line depth and shoot identically so as to set the lines at the correct depth.

isi-line shooter copy