• Autonomous system: it is not necessary to install any other systems on board.


  • The system includes:


Antenna: Iridium and GPS communications


Interface: Data transmission between the computer (with MSB software installed) and the antenna. The MSB software processes the data received by MSR2.


  • Global coverage with Iridium satellite communications.


  • System developed for the management of bulk data to avoid high communications costs in the sending/receptions of fishing data from the buoys.


  • LEDs for monitoring the operation of the equipment .


  • Fast reception and sending of messages, less than one minute latency.


  • Internal GPS and possibility to use the external GPS through NMEA.


  • Connection to PC through USB or serial port.


  • Fast and direct communications with the buoys: reception of positions or soundings,  sendings of telecommands, GPS position of purse seine, automatic activation of buoys, etc…



MSB Sofware

  • Software for the monitoring and tracking of satellite buoys for tuna fishing


  • Sending of telecommands to buoys from the software to:

-Change operating modes


-Switch the flash on and off


-Adjust gain


-Pin the buoy for information at real time


  • Quick review of sounder data on screen. Different color palettes.


  • Buoy data is shown at real time on C-MAP vectorial charts


  • Automatic activation of buoys on board from the software.


  • Possibility to create groups of buoys and export the buoy’s data to a file.


  • On chart drawing and text tools.