Diagnostic & Analysis

Building on its knowledge and experience in the fisheries sector, ISI FISH supports private and institutional players in the fishing industry in their development strategy, by sharing our expertise in audits, technical studies, fisheries information system engineering and the set-up of partnership and territorial initiatives.

Technical Studies & Recommendations

Within the framework of the Plan Barrier project implemented in Réunion Island, Isi Fish was called upon by the SARPPP to carry out a technical study in order to optimise the telecommunications systems of Réunions longline fishing fleets.
By statistically processing communication cost data, several user profiles were able to be defined. Isi Fish drew several recommendations of usage from the analysis, in order to improve service quality and reduce costs.

FAO & World Bank Support Mission

Upon request by FAO and the World Bank, Isi Fish conducted a support mission for Gabon’s General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture which focused on the creation of specialised systems for industrial fishing permit management and information exchange with the Fisheries Monitoring Centre.
During this mission, Isi Fish defined a fishing permit allocation procedure, revised the decision-making process and created a database to manage permits and information flows between departments.