Research & Development

” ISI FISH is a key partner of world renown companies developing applications for fishing activities.”

ISI FISH boasts expertise in the development of decision support systems for fishing industry players and in user support: fisheries, vessels, equipment suppliers, fishery managers.

Our R&D department focuses on the development of new products and the improvement of existing systems to increasingly meet our customers’ needs.

We contribute to the definition of software (drawing up specifications), the choice of data to be collected and analysed, and the development of man-machine interfaces, while optimising development to match the specificities of the target use.
Isi Fish’s focus on new technologies drives innovation and contributes to the emergence of marine applications.

New Product Development


ISI FISH accompagne NKE dans la définition d’une application dédiée à la pêche à la senne pour sa sonde de Température/Pression SP2T-NKE.
Through our specific knowledge of the difficulties and constraints specific to the industry and marine technologies, Isi Fish has identified an application to more accurately determine the behaviour of the seine net as it sinks according to its environment (water temperature, thermocline position), at a lower cost than existing products. ISI FISH in partnership with NKE developed an application specifically for seine fishing. The SP2T-NKE uses pressure and temperature data probes to record sink rate, depth and temperature during fishing operations.
Through its role in such creative dynamics, Isi Fish shares its expertise in the fisheries sector and its vision of the product and features that will meet professionals’ requirements.


Specialised Software


ISI-FISH is in constant contact with fishermen every day and is at the heart of their fishing, management and operating constraints. This proximity gives us an excellent knowledge of the fishing applications of our various products and the use made of them by professionals.

As a provider of DigitalGlobe for the provision of fishing recommendations and a French agent for SeaStar products, ISI FISH regularly communicates with DigitalGlobe on the developments to be made in the improvement of computer applications, development of new functionalities …

Agent and reseller of Marine Instruments products, ISI-FISH participates in the improvement of products and applications designed and manufactured by Marine Instruments.
Providing continuous technical support to fleets and ship owners, we are experts in the range of Marine Instruments products and the professional environment. The proximity we provide between the manufacturer and the end user allows us to identify the clients needs and to take an active role in product development.


Buoy technology development


After a series of deadly shark attacks on the beaches of the French owned island, La Reunion, in 2012 – 2013, Isi Fish jointly collaborated in the design and development of the MLI-S buoy.

Contacted by the CRPMEM (fishing committee, La Reunion), a group of industry specialists including; Gildas Bodilis (Isi Fish), Francois Pino (Marine Instruments) and David Guyomard united to find a solution that would enable an alert system, in real-time to be triggered in the case of a shark capture on a drumline. Specifications were made and the buoy was designed and delivered a few months later.

In 2014, CRPMEM and Isi Fish presented the ‘Smart Drumline’ project and the results of the initial testing of the new product at the Shark International conference in Durban.


Poster Smart Drumline: the first time alert buoy fishing gear for maximising the survival of catches: a new application developed in Reunion Island. Presented at the Sharks International Conference in Durban, 2014.