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CatchCam – Deep version

Fishing camera

CatchCam is the first underwater camera specifically designed for the fishing industry to film
fishing gear in action, easily view onboard video and spot what could be improved.
Thanks to this camera you can check the position of your gear in water, on the bottom as
well as the behavior of species you look for and other non-target species.
CatchCam can be used to improve gear settings, identify the most abundant areas, assess
the attractiveness of fishing gear, bait, and check selectivity.

The CatchCam Deep includes:

  • 1 underwater camera
  • 1 LED lamp 4x brighter (500 lumen)
  • 1 Android tablet with CatchCam app
  • 1 heavy duty rapid charger for the camera and the lamp
  • 1 remote control and 1 user guide plastic card

Several accessories are available in the 3 packs Bronze, Silver and Gold such as the trawl gear
attachment, the protective carry case, the software to watch the videos on a computer.

Multiple video and light settings are easily reachable on the tablet using the remote control.
The app provides quick access to videos after the turn.
The camera and lamp batteries are recharged using the charger and cables provided in the
No SD card needed – no cable needed- no internet connection required.
WiFi communication between the camera, the lamp and the tablet.
Videos can be shared or posted on social networks (internet connection required) – after
downloading on the tablet.